Sunday, January 06, 2008

BYBS: 2007

Here is a list of all my BYBS entries in 2007. I'm not posting this for BYB Sunday because I'm lazy - or rather I'm not posting this just because I'm lazy. I also think it's interesting to look at from the standpoint of where I've been the past year.

  • Giving credit where credit is due, I snarfed the BYBS image off of MsDemmie's site.


Sandy Carlson said...

It's interesting to look at your list and know I can recall the content of many of these posts. What a great reminder--and an interesting shapshot of you. Happy BYB Sunday.

Paulie said...

Your list is how I feel each week when I try to think of one blessing to write about that week! We are all blessed abundantly and only need to bring to mind how full of blessings our lives are indeed.

CyberCelt said...

Great idea! I was thinking about gathering my posts into a book of sorts.

2008 is your year to shine, girl.

Whatever said...

Thankums muchums.