Sunday, January 14, 2007

BYBS: Significant Others

This Sunday for BYBS I'm writing about the blessing of having someone else to share life with: the significant other or SO. Being cagey about sharing personal information over the net, I will refer to my SO as "The One." I thought of referring to her as "TON" for short, but reconsidered.

She laughs at my jokes, puts up with my questionable friends, and reviews the articles that I post here. Her sense of grammar makes her a very good editor, even though I think that the rules of grammar should yield to art, or at least my writing, from time to time.

She is someone I can love and someone who loves me. She is someone to whom I can say "I love you" and who says the same thing to me; and we both mean it. Well, I do, not so sure if you can really mean it wearing shackles, but I digress.

She is also a companion: someone who is there with me each day. When she is with me, I do not feel lonely. She is a companion of choice – not someone who shares an elevator ride with me, but who is there because she wants to be with me. Once again the shackles get in the way of this theory, but still.

And let's not forget housework. I am very grateful for her doing the housework.

For whatever reason, our society is pretty touch-averse. If you went around hugging people during the day you would be considered somewhat strange. Persist and you would be fired. She is someone who I can hug or share a bed with during a cold night without having to spend time in jail afterwards. At least until I'm caught.

Then there's the whole sexual thing, which I will skip. As Roger Zelazny put it, "such things are not of interest to the sophisticated." I happen to disagree, but hey, this isn't a porn or erotica site :-S.

I could go on and on, but I'm pretty lazy, so I'm going to stop here. The One is a great blessing in my life.

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Nancyrowina said...

A good one, where would be without our other halves?

Kuanyin said...

You make me laugh on this Sunday morning! You have a great sense of humor & probably a very satisfied S.O.! Happy BYB Sunday from one of the clan.

Blue Panther said...


I would say I am as apprehensive about sharing personal information on the net as you are, and its not a bad thing at all!

Our Significant Other is a great blesssing to us and if one has a significant other as you describe yours to be in your post, one can be said to be truly blessed. My best wishes to bot of you!

Happy BYB Sunday!

msdemmie said...

Huge grins ........... they are a blessing indeed :)

Happy BYB Sunday and hope you are feeling better.

Whatever said...

nancyrowina: when people say that I am reminded of a Greek legend in which...I think I'll save that for another post...

kuanyin: Well she hasn't left me yet, and there isn't much time left in "today." Here's hoping she wont figure out her mistake tomorrow :-S

bluepanther: Yeah, my guess is that most people could care less about who I am. The rest are probably in league with them anyways...

I am truly blessed with her & try to make her happy. When I saw your statement: "...wishes to the bot of you!" I realized that you were onto our secret: how did you know we were robots? What gave us away? :-)

msdemmie: yes I am. Believe me. Especially times like now I can't believe she hangs around with me.

stev said...

very nice one


Blue Panther said...

My best wishes to both of you, even.

I didn't know you were robots. You gave yourself away!