Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It Was Nice While it Lasted

The graph of woe

About a month back I noticed something very odd about my site: people were actually reading it.

Or at least that's what my site meter said.

As many* of you have remarked, my site does not display a hit counter. This is largely because the information is so pathetic…er…because I don't want my gawd-like stats to intimidate other would-be bloggers!

At any rate, about a month ago, I noticed a dramatic rise in traffic to my site. Checking my trusty, "100% free" hit counter thingie, much if not all of this was coming from Blog Explosion. This continued for several weeks, over which time I concluded that someone had sneezed on the Blog Explosion accounting screen and thereby given me a whole bunch of free hits.

Then, perhaps a week ago, the traffic subsided. Once again consulting my hit counter, which more often than not says "access denied" these days, the people from Blog Explosion had stopped visiting.

This convinced me of several things:

  • I was glad that I had not paid Blog Explosion for this dubious service.
  • Very few surfers had ever returned to this realm.
  • Never trust strange hit counters.
  • Make up numbers.
  • There are UFOs.
  • No I'm not crazy.
  • No really, you are conditioned not to see them.
  • Well, I don't know why I can see them but…never mind.

Anyhow, I don't know why BE had decided to send traffic my way, but it was nice while it lasted. But now, however, I'm forced to deal with the grim reality that not a whole lot of people™ read this site. I've gone through that whole song and dance in previous articles, but this did not stop me from calling on an old friend for a boost.

(Me): I need a boost. (The Critic): Then why did you call me? (M): You mean this isn't BE customer support? (TC): If it were I wouldn't have picked up. (M): Good point. Could you give me a boost anyways? (TC): About what? (M): My site. (TC): click. (M): Hello? Hello?!

Thus fortified, I continue to am…therefore I blog. Or something.

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* = actually nobody.


Fnord said...

It could just be the holidays....

I'm glad someone else sees UFOs too...

stev said...


well stats are one thing & can be an ego boost/destroyer (depending)

still what probably matters more is why you blog in the first place. and to actually keep regular visitors, there are various ways/methods/etc which various aliens can tell you about

personally feel building a community over one's blog is the best way to proceed. keep on blogging, cheers & all that.

ps. live girl on girl action wtf? >_<"

Whatever said...

After some thought I decided that I just enjoy blogging. If I wanted traffic I should post some gnome p0rn or whatever :-).

The "live girl on girl action!" is a joke of mine, since I actually created a post by that name a while back. It was a comment on a Salon article about how teenage & college girls would kiss other girls at parties for various reasons. The article is the most popular one I have ever written, at least wrt getting hits from the internet.

The idea is that by putting LGOGA in a tag I will get more hits for *this* article :-)

P.S. The truth is out there. Or something.

msdemmie said...

I would say the holidays had a fair bit to do with it.

I had my highest ever number of visitors ever on Christmas Eve - and it wasnt a particularly good post either. The bit between Xmas and New Year was very low - and it has only just started to adjust itself again

Whatever said...

I needs to get me a new hit counter anyways. The one from BE always says "access denied." Looking at the BE forums, this is not isolated to me.

Anywho, I go for quality as opposed to quantity. I've got stev, I've got you. Who could ask for anything more? :-)

CyberCelt said...

Stopped by for BYB Sunday and saw you were stopped on Wednesday. LOL. Have you recovered from your stats trauma? Site meter is a good stat counter to use and its free. Click on the colored square on the bottom of any of my blogs to get your own.

stev said...

woot. i'm blather-n-rants QC-ed! ;)
(Quality Certified)

mmm. wheres that live girl-on-girl action post.

live taurnen-on-gnome pr0n action?! gasp!!

msdemmie said...

girl on girl and gnome porn ....... must be my lucky day !

Whatever said...

Stev: Live tauren-on-gnome action?! I am so totally there!

msdemmie: Once you go gnome, for that you will home!

Whatever said...

And cybercelt! (As in I got stev, I got msdemmie, who could ask for anything more!)