Monday, January 08, 2007

It's not my Fault!

It's not my fault! Copyright (c) Lucasfilm Ltd.

I'd like to point out that I have a very good reason™ for not having posted recently. Mind you I don't actually have a good reason, so this will have to remain in the realm of desire instead of reality.

The sad but honest truth is that I'm lazy and haven't bothered to write anything, which is especially sad since I missed Blog Your Blessings Sunday. Perhaps I'll try one of those "Wednesday is Sunday at blather-n-rants!"

I also want to claim that I caught Shay's flu, which will hereafter be known as "Shay's Plague," but once again that's a lie. However, according to my theory of "lying," I would have to be actively trying to mislead. Seeing as how I just mentioned that it wouldn't be true, trying to mislead would be a pathetic enterprise, so therefore I can say with a clear conscience that "yes, the Shay Plague is responsible for this lack of posts!"

At any rate, here's to more posts and lack of flu!

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msdemmie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Happyu BYB Sunday anyway :)

CyberCelt said...

Stopped by for BYB Sunday and was sorry to read you are under the weather.

Whatever said...

msdemmie & cybercelt:

#1) I need to get my BYBS posts out earlier so they are actually up when you drop by.

#2) I wasn't actually sick. I wanted to use that as an excuse for laziness. I had said I wanted to say that I had be sick, but it wouldn't be honest.

3#) At this point, I will claim that, while I was not in reality sick, that reality lacks artistic vision and that therefore I could have been sick. Since the world is based on quantum stuff and...oh never mind.


stev said...

Down the chute flyboy!

"Wednesday is Sunday at blather-n-rants!"

Shay said...

It was a terrible terrible flu!

I came down with it in the afternoon on Xmas day, tried to go boxing day shopping and ended up puking at the mall during my brave attempt at consumerism, then I couldn't eat for 2 days (wasn't hungry/didn't trust that it would stay down) and THEN I lost my voice for 3 days!
That was the hardest part, losing my voice, I talk alot. AND my flu symptoms crossed over into my mountainous ski vacation! I ended up missing a day of skiing and ritualistically spending time in the steam room until my cough and stuffy-ness was under control (aka flu left-overs) enough for me to ski.

But don't mind me, I'm just whiny because this was the first time I've had the flu in years and I was bitter that it happened over the winter break - though it was pretty sweet that I had my parents around to look after me. ^_^
Also, I ruined a 7 year no-puke record - but I did discover that a mandarin orange tastes the same coming back up as it does going down.

Anyway, hooray for my powerful immune system! ^_~