Saturday, July 16, 2011

BYBS: The Gregory Brothers

There are definite advantages to being shallow.

One of them is that you are easily amused.

For example, some people might consider a video that was created by taking another video where a girl discusses how much she loves cats and set to a pop song to be rather pointless.  But then, none of these people read this blog.  On the other hand, very few people read this blog period.

At any rate, I thought this video was the best thing since sliced bread: between the trippy music and the hilarious videos of cats doing silly things.  And then the girl starts crying because she can't hug every cat.  The part where I'm easily amused comes in here.

Then there is the Charlie Sheen video.  The man talks about how he is on a quest.  But he moves on to other, more serious matters:

  • "Chicken McNuggets...winning!"
  • "Bubble gum...winning!"
nuff said.

To round out the bunch is one of Obama singing rap music to congress.  If the man could sing like that why did he take a job like being the president?!!

These incredible acts of art come to you by way of an outfit called "The Gregory Brothers," who have many other fine videos for your perusal.