Sunday, December 31, 2006

BYBS: Chai

All this and caffeine too!

This Sunday's Blog Your Blessing goes to chai. I've been taking myself a leeetle bit too seriously lately, so I figured I write about one of the simpler things that I'm glad for. Here's also to the friend who introduced chai to me by way of threats until I gave it a try.

I was going to talk about bananas, but the chai got in the way (when you don't watch those things…they move).

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  • The chai may be from Oregon, but the picture is mine :-)


CyberCelt said...

I love Chai. I was introduced to Chai in Vancouver, Canada. They had huge tapioca "pearls" in the bottom.

All the best in 2007.

msdemmie said...

Happy BTB Sunday and Happy New Year.

Wishing you a Happy and sucessful New Year.

stev said...

mmmm... chai

i love chai. well not as much as i love coffee. but then nothing quite compares to beans. so... ;)

agreed that we should look at the simpler things in life

ps. thanks for the wow-esque theme blogroll description :P

Whatever said...

Totally thanks to youze guyz for totally visiting me site and may ye new year find ye well :-)

Ye Cybercelt: interesting...never heard of chai done like that. Course I'm relatively new to it.

Ye MsDemmie: glad to see the "soul mirror lady" back. Nice to be able to put a name to the picture.

Ye Stev: Ye chai is totally ye bumb! Especially when me spells it correctly. Ye welcome for ye WoW-esque bloggieroll. Ye site doth kicketh much in the way of booty.