Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The Crab Nebula

Some people have asked what the heck the whole thing with the crab on Canuckistani's nifty certificate signifies. Others (well, actually nobody) have scrutinized the pictured document and noted a rather strange "signature" on it that talks about a certain "Fred D. Krab."

By way of explanation, the whole Krab theme is a reference to a posting I made a week or two back. I (sometimes) try to have a sort of ongoing story in my posts: for example, the struggles of the author to maintain a positive front despite the negative feedback and mounting evidence :-)

At the risk of losing even more readers, here is a bit of introduction:

Do you know what a hero is? It's a person who gets other people killed.


(Examining some dead bodies) Colon: It could have been worse. Vimes: How's that? Colon: It could have been us.

"Men at Arms" by Terry Pratchett

Every generation faces a challenge.

There are those few who, despite the cost, ignoring the odds, rise to the occasion.

They stand for those who cannot stand for themselves, guarding the weak, freeing the oppressed, they struggle and die for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do.

They are Heros.

And then there is…Fred.

Picture, if you will, a water-covered planet, orbiting a small star in the Crab Nebula. It is home to many water-borne species of intelligent fish, octopi, crabs and other aquatic life. To the inhabitants, the planet is called "Nerts."

The capital city of Nerts is known as Atlantis. It is a beautiful, shining city located in the shallows near some seaweed forests. At noon the sun shines through the water and illuminates its towers and streets with an unearthly glow (appropriate since it's not on Earth).

The city is ruled or perhaps governed by a rather hide-bound group of elected leaders who believe in commerce, regular meals and a vague sort of duty. Made up mostly of octopi (hey, four lobed brains have some advantages), the council overseas (couldn't resist the pun) the operation of the city and trade between neighboring cities. There is even some commerce with some nearby star systems, Atlantis being the cosmopolitan, happinin place that it is.

Despite the more-or-less benign nature of the cities government, there persist certain rumors among the seaweed forests and lilly pads that the King will one day return to reunite the warring tribes and bring an age of peace to Nerts for a thousand years.

Now mind you, some people will believe anything. Furthermore, planet Nerts has enjoyed a basically peaceful and prosperous existence for over 1,000 years.

When faced with this, poets, story tellers others who spend a good deal of time drinking will often times responds with accusations that, when beauty and reality clash, beauty should win, even when it doesn't. Ordering another round of drinks will usually shut them up.

Never the less, the citizens of Atlantis like to tell the story to their children. Mommy Froggies will tell their tadpoles about how they will grow up to become a Princess of the Realm. This can cause a great deal of confusion when the listening tadpole ends up being male.

To be continued...assuming there is any interest...

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Shay said...

I like Fred, his planet sounds groovy ^_^

Canuckistani said...

Sounds good to me. How do I get here?

Whatever said...

Fred himself "borrowed" a flyin saucer, but more on that as the story progresses :-D