Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And Miss Gilligan?!!

I think The Munsters are on after this!

It is a bizarre and disturbing aspect of life that, when I need to do something, worthless drivel that I wouldn't give a second look at becomes interesting. A scene from the movie "Adams Family" sums this up for me. The family has just been evicted from their ancestral home by some rivals and the Adams have been sitting around in a motel for a while.

Gomez, the father, is staring intently at the TV, flipping through channels at a furious pace. Mortica, his wife, has been staring patiently at him for a bit and then says "Why don't we take everyone for a drive?" Gomez looks at her like she's insane and responds "And miss Gilligan?!!"

One comedian put it this way: "When I have to clean up the basement, 'Family Feud'" is interesting by comparison.

Given how much TV I used to watch, it's odd that I don't have one any more. Instead I have the internet, which is somewhat similar. Rather than do anything useful, I can sit around following link after pointless link and learn about useless information.

For example, did you know that if you have two parallel mirrors that some ridiculously small distance apart, that the plates will experience a force between them known as the "Casimir effect?" As it turns out, this force is only interesting to people making incredibly tiny "micro-machines" and the like so this bit of information is almost completely useless. By comparison, Gilligan looks useful.

So now that you're done reading this post, you can do something valuable. Something that will make society better off or at least get the laundry done. Or…you could check out this Gilligan link…

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stev said...

never watched gilligans before

hear quite often bout it... but then not surprising as well since i spend only on avg 15mins a week watching TV

but yeah the net is a great way to waste... i mean use time purpoisefully to learn many great things

now to do something useful
(e.g. drink more coffee. mmm~)

Whatever said...

I prefer tea, but not some wuss tea! Oh no. I drink a manly tea: MORNING THUNDAAAAR! :-D

Shay said...

I've never watched Gillian's Island either!
I feel so deprived (or depraved ^_~) but I did watch the Munsters and The Adam's Family after school, does that count for something?

Blue Panther said...

True! The internet is a vast sea of information and sometimes you can spend hours surfing from one link to another soaking up all kinds of information, useful as well as useless, even bizzare.

What frustrates me is that sometimes when I need to find some information on something, I rarely ever find what I need.

Never watched any of the shows, but am a great TV addict myself.