Saturday, December 09, 2006

Card Game...of Destiny: Part 2!

An "undersea" city
This posting is intended to be read after

It will not make a whole lot of sense if you read it out of context. It will not make a whole lot of sense if you read it in context either, but at least it will won't seem quite as strange.

At any rate, picking up where the last post left off…

(Great Q-Thulu): Not interested. (Boooodah): No way. (Mr. Octopus): You're sick. (Fred D. Krab, Not Yet King of Atlantis): Awww, c'mon! (Great Q): There are some things even I wont do.

Boooodah shudders.

Moe squirts some ink and tries to blend in with the background.

(FDKNYKoA): Oh all right. How about it if I win you make me King of Atlantis?

The others ponder this.

(Great Q): Fine by me. (Moe): This is not a good idea. (B): And no cheating this time? (FDKNYKoA): Cross my shell, bayyyybeeee.

Great Qthulu prepares an Eldar Magic behind his back. Boooodah summons some gawdlike karma. Moe tentacles a few cards.

(Moe): All right, let's play.

A few minutes later.

(B): This…this is impossible! (Great Q, zapping cards repeatedly): Not fair! (Moe): Bogus!

Fred just sits there, puffing on his cigar and grinning like a maniac. After a few more minutes of exclamations...

(Fred D. Krab, Soon to be King of Atlantis): So, bayyyybeeees: you want to make Fred de King…or pay up another way? (Fred waggles his eye-stalks and makes a suggestive klaw gesture). (Great Q): King it is. (B): Word. (Moe): I knew this was a bad idea.

Thus started an event later known as "The Fall of Atlantis," "The Dark Times," or simply "Fred's Reign."

This may be continued in later postings, but enough from Fred for the time being :-)

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