Thursday, December 28, 2006

USDA Food Nutrition Information

For those people who think too much about everything and might have been wondering about the nutrient content of various foods, I have discovered a wonderful site. In yet another disturbing display of competence, the US Dept. of Agriculture has an entire database of foods, what types of energy they contain, vitamins, minerals, you name it.

Not only can you download this whole thing as a PDF, you can also download a nifty little program that will look up something for you and display that information. Now mind you, it's not exactly easy to find this little gem in the rough, but it is there:

The main page for the nutrient laboratory:

Directly to the nifty software page:

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stev said...

interesting yet disturbing to be honest :P

lemme go download it...

Whatever said...

When I first found it, I thought I was in geek heaven! I mean it's one thing to know that this food or that have different proteins, but this thing will tell you which proteins each food has. Now isn't that cool?

Hello? Hey! Where'd everyone go?

stev said...


(silence is deafening ;)