Friday, November 17, 2006

Return of the King!

Ish de King (not Queen mind you!)
It's things like this that make me question my sanity…more than I usually do.

At any rate, I was staggering down the street when I saw, of all things, one of those sandwich boards that said:

"Take me to your leader!"

Being sharp-eyed, I noticed something strange immediately. It didn't seem to have anyone in it…but it was moving about.

So I walked up and took at closer look only to find, a crab, of all things, inside it. Just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger, it started talking:

(Crab): Hiya howareya, nicetaseeya! (Me): I gotta stop drinking… (C): Ya got any booze?! (M): No…normally I have to drink a whole bottle of Thunderbird to see stuff like this. (C): Damn! (M): What, umm, are you? (C): Am veeeesiting Roy-all-Tee! Take me to your leader! (M): Err…where from? (C): Atlantis! (M): As in the lost continent of? (C): (scratches shell) Well ish knot lost so much as miss-placed… (M): Righ…I'll be going now… (C): Take me to your leader!

When I got home, I found The Critic sitting on my couch drinking a beer.

(Me): You see the strangest things these days… (The Critic): You're telling me – I just saw your blog! (M): You're reading it? And you had to come over and tell me how great it is? (TC): No, I just ran out of beer (takes a swig). Also, you still have my TV. (M): Well, at least you read it. (TC): (shudders, says nothing and takes another long swig). (M): At any rate I saw the strangest thing today…

Right at that moment, I noticed that the crab from the sidewalk was sitting on my couch next to her. He was drinking a beer.

(Me): … (Crab): Hey bay-beeee! (starts guzzling his beer) (The Critic): (looks over, sees the crab and does a double take) (M): You see it too? (TC): (carefully puts down beer and rubs her eyes) That is just 3.2 beer, right? (M): As far as I know… (C): (Tosses away his empty bottle, picks up The Critic's, and starts guzzling it). (TC): Hey! It's drinking my beer! (M): Well my beer if you want to get technical. (TC): No it isn't – get your own! (C): (tosses away empty bottle and burps loudly) Get me one too, huu-mon! (TC): Make that three. (M): You want me to join you? (TC): Nah, I'm just gonna need two. (C): (turning to The Critic) So, who are you, bay-beeeee? (TC): Is this…thing coming on to me? (C): Oh yaaa! Honored you should be, thatz honored! (M): I think I'll go and get those beers now. (TC): And why's that? (M): I hate the sight of blood. (TC): No idiot, why should I be honored? (C): Forgeeeev me for not introducing myself (scuttles up onto the top of a lamp shade): I am Fred, King of Atlantis! I have return-aid! Some!

Just then the lamp collapsed under the crab's surprising weight. What was more impressive is that the table it was sitting on collapsed along with it.

To be continued…

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Canuckistani said...

You do realize these conversations are imaginary, right???

Whatever said...

They are? Well that certainly casts things in a different light, right Fred?

Oh totally bayyyybeeeee!

Fred the KING said...

Hey! I am totally NOT imaginary!


Fred the Krab (X)
King of Atlantis

Whatever said...

Um...I did write that last one...OK, now I'm scared...very, very scared.