Tuesday, November 28, 2006


There is a voice inside us all That says rebuild And when it's called All that is wrong can be put right

One of the odd things in life is the way I try to hang onto emotions. When I feel good I try to hang onto that feeling. When that voice is saying "rebuild" I strain to hear it better. There are songs like the one above, activities, etc. that are tailor-made to help people feel belonging, hope, love.

But perhaps even stranger is that, sometimes I try to hang onto the bad stuff too. I'm angry and I find myself trying to stay that way: why is that? When I look around and see amusement parks, or hear about people sky-diving, etc. It seems plain that people want both the good and the bad emotions in their lives.

That really says something about humanity in general: we not only feel emotions, we actively try to evoke them. All of them.

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Images, etc.:

  • squeeze-play is from the cover of the album, "Play" by Squeeze, 1991.
  • The lyrics are from a song called "There is a Voice" from the same album.
  • I didn't see a copyright date, but I assume that it is (c) 1991 by Squeeze.


stev said...

very interesting pic there. keke.

hmm. mayhaps all we want is familiarity? even the not-so-good part of it sometimes?

Whatever said...

I tried to find some studies about people who seek abusive relationships, but I failed (and I just posted about Pubmed...thanks a lot!). If anyone knows of any sort of research on this (either for or against) please comment or send me the link.

I have to agree with you though, that some people will seek the very thing that caused the trauma to begin with (IMHO). Very, very strange, but so very human.

stev said...

agreed... humans ARE weird... ;)

Canuckistani said...

Emotions are also inherited from previous family generations. You may not even realize what some are or what habits they've become as they are so ingrained from birth and literally in your genes. It's good you examine it though. You can keep the good and throw out what you don't want thus stopping a generational cycle that is negative.

Whatever said...

canuck: That is so very true. Many of my habits, beliefs, etc. can be traced directly to my parents. Most of the time I'm not even aware of it when I do it.

The hard part for me is recognizing the bad ones, going back to whoever was involved and admitting that I screwed up. When I actually do all that it is taking a step towards break the cycle of the bad parts.

When it's something good, then it's just another thing to thank them for.