Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What the Hell Are They Teaching Kids These Days?!!

Okay, so this kid floored me today. With a Twix no less. Yesterday at work, the company was hosting a Halloween style thingie where people's kids came in and did a sort of "Trick-or-Treat" at various people's cubes. Being the thoughtful, kindly person that I am, I completely forgot about it and did not bring in anything to give them. So there I was, feeling like a jerk, without anything to give them, when the son of a friend (yes, I do have one) walked up and gave me a piece of candy. From the dark memories of my childhood, I think it is safe to say that, in the same situation, you could have gotten candy from me once you had pried apart my cold, dead hands. Then there is the chance that I would have started fighting. OK…this is the day and age where parents don't want their kids to go off trick-or-treating by themselves for fear of having god-knows-what happen to them; this is the whole reason that they are coming around to people's cubes for crying out loud. In my day, we would stride up to people's houses, the houses that, just the night before, we had egged and draped with toilet paper, and brazenly demand candy or we would get really mean. OK, we didn't threaten them, but we did mark their house for next year. So why would a kid give up candy to anyone, let alone some nerd who did not have anything to give me?!! And then his brother gave me one too. And I saw no evidence of threats from the parents. So here's hoping that when the dark times come into this child's life, as they do to us all, that they remember that they brightened the existence of one grouchy, self-absorbed troll. I know I'm rooting for him. Tags: Children, kindness, Halloween, trick-or-treat, light, darkness.


Mo said...

"Just to let you know" Twix are Liam's favorites. That's a lot of love. My children never cease to amaze me.

Whatever said...

They are awesome...just plain awesome(tm).

Shay said...

yeah some kids are really sweet. I can't beleive people are getting so paranoid about trick or treating!
there's no more freaks in the world than there were 30 years ago!