Sunday, May 06, 2007

BYBS: Weekends

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True to my style of blogging about the mundane, it seemed to me that it was about time I talked about weekends :-) I like weekends because:

  • It gives me a break from the grind of work.
  • I can spend time with the One.
  • I actually have enough time to write blog entries!
  • I can actually read blog entries.
  • I can sleep late.

These days I'm really appreciating a break from work because, for the last 6 months or so, it's been quite stressful. And this is from a person who expects stress at work. I appreciate the break now much more than I did before.

Spending time with the One is something I could always use more of: I don't appreciate her enough.

For the last 3 months or so, I've been working on a crappy software project™ in my spare time. This has sadly taken time away from blogging; though I've actually received fan mail telling me that this is a good thing :-S I often find reading other sites to be as rewarding as writing them, however, and I can't seem to find time to do that either. The weekend gives me time to look around.

I have a strange relationship with sleep. Scientists tell us that human beans have a "Circadian Rhythm" that controls when we sleep, but mine seems to be more like a gremlin (see previous post). My guess is that the gremlins are actually in league with the gnomes, who are trying to take over my lawn, but that's a whole other post right there.

Suffice it to say that I consider getting more sleep a very good thing™ and find it another thing to appreciate about weekends.

All in all, Sunday is the downside to the weekend, but then, that's also the day I blog, so I guess it all balances out.

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[1] Circadian Rhythms are sometimes confused with Canadian Rhythms, which is something else entirely. At any rate, you can find references all over the place from Google, but wikipedia has a nice article at


CyberCelt said...

Be good to yourself. Sounds like things have been rough at work.

I read blogs to relax. There is no way to find out everything that is happening in the world, so I let the blogosphere filter it for me.

Here from Blog Your Blessing Sunday(tm).

Hopeful Spirit said...

Sunday is the one day in the week that I don't set the alarm clock. Then I wander out here to the computer, read other folks' entries about their blessings and work on my own. The day always seems to go too fast . . . then it's Monday again and the whole rat-race kicks into gear. Ah, but these Sundays are great. Hope your stress diminishes and the project goes well. Have a good week and see ya next Sunday!

Kuanyin said...

Happy BYB Sunday! You should also investigate Biorhythms. There's a lot of free places on the net where you can plug in your data.

Marilyn said...

Yeah for weekends! Sooo what are Canadian rythms? Gnomes are taking over your yard?

Sandy Carlson said...

God bless your BYB Sunday. I hope you're relaxing and enjoying whatever comes your way.

Whatever said...

Gnomian rhythms are indeed taking over my that's Canadian Gnomes...or geese...I think I'll quit while I'm behind :-)

msdemmie said...

Happpy BYB Sunday and I hope you got a chance to catch up over the weekend.

stev said...

well, stress is good when in non-lethal amounts ;)

ooo. circadian rhythm disorder. sounds mighty dangerous indeed!

sleep > all *

* esp on sundays!

Sandy Carlson said...

Happy BYB Sunday!