Sunday, May 13, 2007

BYBS:'m Blogging...

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This just in: moron blogger accidentally turns off comments!

I don't know how I managed to do this, but I accidentally turned off comments for this posting. MsDemmie of "Life at the Edge" was kind enough to point this out (and even reframed from using the word moron while doing so!). Big thanks to MsDemmie!

Now back to our regular program... -------

This was a difficult one to write: I'm not really feeling blessed at the moment, but here goes:

  • Shay of the S Spot (warning, sexual content) Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but to me this is a person working diligently, in their own way, on a very important topic. I don't think our society will ever be at peace until we accept and understand ourselves. This is an attempt.
  • BYBS - as usual, it has managed to lift my eyes from the aspects of my life that are bad and miserable, up towards what is good about being alive. To look at the things that I am blessed with instead of the things I don't like.
  • The Blue Panther for organizing and administering the whole BYBS thing. He has also been the impetus for many interesting thoughts thanks to his posts.
  • The Garden Gnome - despite being a gnome (silly, inside WOW joke), she reminded me that today is Mothers day, which I had completely forgotten. All things aside, I still love my parents and, for no explicable reason, they seem to love me. That sort of thing is very hard to find in this world.
  • My friends. Despite some rather extreme professional disagreements, they're still my friends. In their own ways, they love me and I love them. That's one of the best blessings in life.
There, now I feel better :-) Another big-honkin-blessing is any actually reading my posts - thanks for stopping by.



Marilyn said...

Hey... I can comment, and that's a blessing. BYBS is a great blessing. Once a week I am forced to say something nice. Who knows, someday it could spread to the rest of the week.

Whatever said...

LOL! I can relate. I'm a pretty dour most of the week. Another aspect of BYBS me likes :-)

Blue Panther said...

I must say that BYBS has helped me to focus on the good things too.

I think when good things happen to us, we feel that it was deserved and dont think much of it but when something bad happens we feel that life has treated us unfair.

Sandy Carlson said...

BYBS brings me back to a happier reailty on Saturday night. I like your gritty, honest wit.

Cass said...

Being able to see your blessings in spite of feeling unblessed..........that's a good thing :)

Kuanyin said...

I'm a week late! But Happy BYB Sunday! These are busy times, eh?

CyberCelt said...

I am catching up from last week when I was unable to read the BYBS entries.