Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Sun

Sometimes I curse the morning, other times I welcome it, and most times I'm indifferent. Regardless of my feelings, comes the dawn. And with it the Sun. In a very real way, the Sun is the source of all life on Earth. Through it, plants absorb energy and pass it on directly to us or through animals. At times cruel, the light beats down on me and burns my skin. Its heat making things overwhelming. Sometimes it brings warmth and respite from the cold. Sometimes the Sun brings welcome relief to me from fears that are much easier to believe in the darkness. I don't know why it is that things close in on me the way they do during the night, but the Sun often times gives me a perspective that I miss during the dark hours. Most times, the Sun is a symbol of joy to me. Sitting there, brighter than bright in the cobalt blue sky, fearlessly shining on the world. Seeing it somehow gives me courage to trudge on through another day. Technorati:


stev said...

and lucky arent we that we get to see The Sun every day. well mostly anyway


Sandy Carlson said...

I feel much the same way. I notice after a few days without the big yellow guy, though, that I am really down in the dumps. This a.m. I awoke to rain dripping from the trees. When I finally rolled over to look out the window, I saw the sun was up and was relieved! God bless your Sunday.

Sandy Carlson said...

I hope the sun's not overdoing (or under) it on your summer!

Blue Panther said...


How are you doing?

I am beginning to miss your regular as well as your BYB Sunday posts. I hope all is well with you.

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead.

msdemmie said...

Just dropping in to say hello and that I hope all is well with you.

Sandy Carlson said...

Happy BYB Sunday if you're still out there! Please post!