Sunday, January 20, 2008

BYBS: The Works of JRR Tolkien

I have spent many afternoons and evenings reading JRR's books over the years. One of the nice things about them is that they have "grown with me" in the sense that they could be entertaining when I was younger, and yet still be interesting when I grew older. For example, I thought Tom Bombadil was sort of entertaining when I was younger, but his significance as a sort of symbol that accepts no rules or laws kept him interesting as time has gone on.


msdemmie said...

I am with you on this one. I was bought up on the Hobbit - and then worked my way through the rest.

Happy BYB Sunday

Penelope Anne said...

Very true, and he has some serious books of inspiration out there as well. Great blessing, an author and his words is a gift not to be forgotten.

Happy Sunday,
A first time BYBS member

CyberCelt said...

That was the first series of books I ever read. It was magical.

I liked how the movies made the settings real. Some things looked as I had pictured when reading the books, some were more awesome.

happy bybs

Paulie said...

While I don't care for Harry Potter books, I can see how reading the series is a blessing to someone else. I feel the same way about Diana Mott Davidson's culinary mysteries.

happy BYB Sunday!

Paulie said...

Oops! Mixed up authors. Sorry. Same comment applies tho.