Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The New Template and Blobs o' Code

One of the things that I have my own share of are leetle blobs of Javascript I need to put in my template for things like hit counters, Technorati, etc. The annoying thing about doing this (OK, one of the many annoying things) with blogger is that their template contains enormous amounts of weird code. This makes it very difficult to figure out where my stuff should go.

One of the features of the new scheme is being able to add arbitrary bits of HTML or JavaScript to the template. This is nice because I can avoid digging through the blogger template and just throw my stuff into a section of its own.

This doesn't solve all the problems I end up having. For example, to verify a site with Google, you have to put a meta tag in the template. Adding meta tags pretty much requires editing the HTML of the template, but at least some of the other stuff has been made easier to deal with.

Slowly but surely…

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Sandy Carlson said...

Looks good, Whatever! The new blogger is cool and not cool. Sometimes I'd just as soon jump into the code rather than deal with the new way. I want to copy my blog rolls to other pages on my blog, but I don't know how to do this. I'm also wondering if I change the template if I'll loose all that stuff. Wouldn't be with the trouble.

If you have any suggestions, would you let me know? In between messing with all that code, that is....