Sunday, January 13, 2008

BYBS: Writing

Writing, particularly fiction writing, allows me to explore ideas and concepts that I'll never be able to realize in real life. Even relatively simple ones like RPGs where I've wanted to run a particular campaign and I'm just too lazy to get the people together for it.

Writing requires a lot less background work. There's no illustration, ideas don't have to be as fleshed out, etc. No "herd of cats" I have to corral in order to run the event.

Characters are a bit of a problem, and dialog can be problematic as well. But at least everything I need is right on hand. And finally getting my butt to actually sit down in the chair and write is one of the hardest parts.

What's really nice is that a lot of times, writing something out cracks me up. What can I say? I'm easily pleased. That anybody else enjoys what I write is a bonus :-)


Blue Panther said...

I , for one, enjoy what you write, and I am sure there are many others out there.

Writing for me is something that I enjoy, and I believe it comes to me naturally enough.

I am not so sure about the last part though!

CyberCelt said...

Writing allows us all to be singers of the soul.

Whatever said...

You are too kind my friend.

Cybercelt: you have my thought exactly. Poetry also springs to mind, but I'm not very good at it :-(

Paulie said...

Yes, writing is truly a blessing! Keep doing it as it blesses not only you with satisfaction but others who get to read it.

I am late in checking out BYB posts but hope you see my response anyway. I have some beautiful snow scenes on my blog for this too.

Tanis said...

Hey you,
as a person with an overactive imagination who can't write worth a crap, I'm more appreciative of those who can flesh out their ideas into a coherent (I want to say being, but that's not the right word - see? Can't write :) maybe, entity? I think that your writing is a wonderful diversion in an otherwise "i'm gonna shoot soembody in the head" type of day. Keep up the excellent work!


Whatever said...

Hmmmm...writing is a blessing eh? Not bad stuff you say...hmmm...

(Whatever): Here! This is a blessing!

(Random Person who has been Forced to Read Whatever's Story): Ghaaaa! My brain!!!!

(W): Muhahahaha!

Yes, I will remember to tell people that. }:-)

stev said...

never knew that you liked rpgs & all that (should have guessed that in hindsight too ;)

used to run campaigns way back... err... 10odd years back?

oh and your writing's neat & your sense of humor is a +

Whatever said...

Me dirty secret (one of them at any rate) is out!

RPGs have a lot of fond memories for me :-) One of the nice things about writing stories is that I can portray some of the campaigns that I wanted to run, but was too lazy to ever actually do anything with.

Sandy Carlson said...

I love what you write. Your style is awesome.

How 'bout a game of tag before you put the butt to the chair and get writing again: