Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Groupthink: the Lighter Side

Much to my surprise, I have a lot of material from another story that I worked on but never finished. If anything I need to pare it down. I don't remember why I never finished it, but my guess is that I balked at the task of editing it. Amongst my other problems is "editor's block."

The particular story that I wrote is about one outcome of telepathy sprouting up out of the blue. I called it "Groupthink: the Lighter Side" because it had a fairly nice outlook on the consequences of this. I was going to create another story called "Groupthink: the Darker Side" that concentrated on a negative outcome, but I never got started on it.

Anyhow, that will probably be my next story, though I may take a more leisurely attitude towards the process than I did with the other stories.

You can find my story site here (http://blather-n-stories.blogspot.com)


Tanis said...

plus plus good! :) Good luck

stev said...

slow n steady wins... the anti-burnout race ;)