Sunday, March 25, 2007

BYBS: Ice Cream!

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In keeping with talking about the positive aspects of mundane life, one thing that has been good for me is Ice Cream.

OK, so it has also contributed to "expanding my horizons" (e.g., becoming fat), it has also been a very nice thing to eat from time to time. Your body needs energy to keep going, and ice cream (in particular, vanilla, with some hot fudge and whipped cream) is a nice way of getting it.

I have also found ice cream to be an excellent way of winning friends and influencing people. Erstwhile enemies or those that I might not get along with otherwise have been won over by the charming nature of a banana split. Having to deal with me is small potatoes compared to it.

As an example, I remember one time as a wee lad that I had just seen a movie with a bunch of other kids. We stopped along the way back from the theater to get some refreshments. As the picture of moderation in life, I ordered the grand, humongous, super-sized ice cream sundae. As it was delivered to me, all eyes swiveled towards me (or rather the sundae) in obvious envy and hunger. With a smile I said "Would anyone like some?"

The group descended on my poor sundae like a pack of wolves. When they were done, I had a portion roughly the same size as everyone else (at which I was a little miffed). On the other hand, the smile on the other kid's faces was nice, and for someone who tends to see the negative aspects of his past, it's a good memory.

Also, it had fewer calories.

Have a good rest of the Sundae…er…Sunday :-)

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Kuanyin said...

Another icecream lover like me! I agree it's a huge blessing, and it definitely does influence people! Happy BYB Sunday!

Blue Panther said...

I love Ice Cream too!

Nice Post!

The Mind said...

Dessert, coffee and good conversation fit together like a hand in glove.
**chuckle** Have a blessed week!

Sandy Carlson said...

Great post. Imagine if all the big bad guys of the world had to have a sundae social before talking politics. What a world. I thought I'd write about peanut butter but couldn't find the words. Too much sampling! Maybe today...

stev said...


you really are good at writing the unexpected & asking very good questions :)

CyberCelt said...

I would never had let any of them get their spoon near my sundae! LOL

I love hot fudge sundaes.

Blessings to you.

Bella said...

You are better than me, sharing my sundae is not my thing. :)

Stopped by from the BYB blogroll. Have a blessed day!

Sandy Carlson said...

Yes, I still want that sundae....