Sunday, February 11, 2007

BYBS: those that Sacrifice

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Soldiers, police, fire fighters, coast guard, etc. These people do jobs that I cannot or will not do; and part of those jobs involves risking their lives. That's an unbelievable gift for one person to give to another. Then consider that these people may not know or even like the people they are protecting and it becomes even more mind-boggling.

Such people are paid for their work, but it seems to me that whatever compensation they receive for their work, it is not equivalent to the risks they take. Furthermore, I don't always agree to the uses that they are put to: Iraq is a prime example of this for me. Never the less, and especially in the case of soldiers, they are not afforded the luxury of choice. They sacrifice part of their freedom when they choose to serve.

Like any group of human beings, there are some who work against their society. Police scandals, the abuses at Abu Grave, etc. all show that this is not only possible, but happening. It is my belief (nothing on hand to back this up) that these are the minority.

My thanks go out to those that risk their lives on behalf of others: I regard it as a blessing.

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Whatever said...

I couldn't think of a good term to describe people that risk their lives for others. "Civil Servant," while honorable, does not imply risking life and limb.

Anyone know of a good phrase/word?

CyberCelt said...

Everyday heroes is the term I use. It does not have to be police/ems/fire fighter either. During the last flood in my town, there was a 5'4" 20-year old woman who was a shuttle bus driver. She risked her life, again and again, to bring families out of the rising waters.

MsDemmie said...

Heroes ....

Those who have *frontline vocation* - emergency workers all terms that cna be used.

My grandmother would call them an *exceptional breed* or those that go where angels fear to tread.

We are indeed blessed by them.

Happy BYB Sunday.

Jaime the Halftongue said...

Don't forget some of the most overlooked heroes:

SevenEleven clerks working the midnight shift! Risking their lives so others can have late night munchies and gasoline.

In the Master's Hands said...

These emergency workers are blessings indeed. Where would so many people be without them?


Thanks for blogging this blessing.

Brandy of The Building Brows