Sunday, August 20, 2006


I did a search for “sucker of farts from dead dogs” on Google today and my site came up! Yay! I exist! My dreams of stardom and the like can’t be far away!

Well…maybe they are.

But at any rate, I view this as a good thing™ since Google keeps choking on the damn RSS feed.

To celebrate, I called up one of my great critics to brag about my achievements:

(Me): HA! My blog now appears on Google! (Her): Not very often. (Me): Yeah it does, search for “insane mumblings.” (Her): There are almost 2,000 results for that, and I don’t see your site. (Me): Alright, try “mumblings insane blather” (Sound of typing) (Her): OK, now I see it. (Me, preening): And you knew me before I was famous! (Her): Yeah, having my site come up when someone types: mumblings and insane blather is a real achievement! (Me): Bite me.

Great geniuses and writers are never appreciated in their own time. Another “friend” points out that this means that, even if I were a great writer™ I should not expect to become a star any time soon.

So now I’m shooting for the title of “rather mediocre but famous writer.” My fiend (oh, pardon the misspelling) tells me that this would be an insult to merely mediocre writers.

I hate my life.

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