Sunday, August 27, 2006

Very Disappointed!

Looking back over my posts I have to say that this blog has turned out a lot different than I thought it would.

When I created it, I thought it would be a great opportunity to whine, display pictures of nekkid women, carry on about sex, and otherwise serve as a my den in inequity on the web. But noooooo! Instead I’m posting crap about God, Truth, Meaning, etc. And to make matters worse, nobody (that I don’t pay, and pay well) bothers to visit the damn thing!


As the “Evil Hercules” in the TV show said after being abandoned in the “in between” universe:

Very disappointed! Very dis-a-pointeeeeed!

I looked at some of the stuff about how to increase the traffic on your blog and have tried to take the pointers to heart. One of the things that seemed like a good idea was to post to other blogs.

The problem is that my pic, which I dearly love, looks so damn silly that I feel bad about posting to any kind of serious site like I would even feel kind of bad about posting to the S-Spot ( since I feel so strongly regarding the importance of sexuality.

So this leaves me with a conundrum: I need to find a silly site that gets a lot of traffic. Then, these silly people are going to wander over to this site, read some of my blather, and decide that they want to read some more. Just shoot me now.

Very dis-a-pointeeeeed!


Shay said...

I don't think your picture looks silly!
And I always try to visit back the people who leave me comments (though the best way to catch me is to also leave a comment on my HNTs)

A good way to get traffic is to register your site with technorati and use tags at the end of your posts (like I do) that way people can find you when they search for those keywords in technorati. Another good way to get seen is to list yourself on other blog lists (see my sidebar) especially with BlogExplosion.
And of course, travel around through peoples' blogrolls and leave comments
Good luck!

Christian said...

Well greetings from Germany.

I think I will start visiting regularly now that I know I will be paid well for visiting. ;-)

No really just a small Hi to let you know I found your site, enjoyed your posts and all that because of technorati. ;-)


heather said...

Of course, it was seeing your silly pic on Technorati that made me click through. :-D Mind you, I'm just one person...

Whatever said...

My gawd! 3 comments…on one post? And I didn’t even write them?!! What is the world coming to?

Shay: I’m still offering to do your dishes in exchange for your wonderful advice, but there is a time limit...OK, that’s long enough :-D

Christian: thanks for visiting the site...even if I do have to pay you =:o The incentive and/or bribes for dropping by will be the subject of post that I will put up "real soon now.”™ To avoid the huge rush of people that will obviously (HA!) ensue, all I can say at this point is that it involves T-shirts.

Heather: Thank you! It’s actually a real-life shot of me. Heather? Heather?!! Where did she go?

Q said...

Hey, I have been visiting your blog, so where's my money?

Just kidding. I like the way you think.

Tanis said...

dude - you pay these people and yet *I* have to pay *you*?

Very disappointed! :P