Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sex Feedback

Today I was looking forlornly at my blog and noticing the lack of interest from the world at large so I sought some feedback from a friend. Here is what she said:

(Her): Your blog sucks. And basically, so do you. (Me): Perhaps if you took another look at the site.

She did and then came up with this:

(Her): Your mom dresses you funny. (Me): Does not. (Her): Does too. (Me): Na-ah. (Her): Yah-haw. (Me): Poop-breath. (Her): Doody-brain. (Me): Jerk. (Her): Twit. (Me): Sucker-of-farts-from-dead-dogs!

As anyone who is on the receiving end of the dreaded SoFfDD, she was silenced. It also helped that I had hung up the phone.

Seeking feedback from a kinder, gentler friend, he told me the following

(Him): You don’t suck. (Me): Thanks, that means a lot to me. (Him): You stink. Your blog sucks. (Me): Your mom dresses you funny. (Him): Does not. (Me): And you wear dresses. (Him): At least I wear mine under my other clothes. (Me): Screw you guys, I’m going home!

Since then I read the blogspot article on increasing traffic to your blog. I looked at my site, and then at some of the more popular sites. I have decided that I am going to bill myself as a hot, 16 year old girl who is really into boys, from ages 16 to 99, but is also willing to consider other people of the female persuasion…or in between…or animals...perhaps many at the same time.

I have also decided that all my posts will start with the word “sex” (hence the title for this post) or some other sexual term like “ju-ju flop.” I figure I can double the traffic to my site inside a week.

Of course going from 1 reader to two isn’t that hard. Especially when one of the readers is me.


Tanis said...

oh my goodness.. if I had been drinking something, it would have been all over the computer screen.. So's you know :)

Whatever said...

Woohoooo! Two readers!!! :-D I had been planning a whole series of posts that would start with "Sex" like "Sex: and how I hate traffic jams" and "Sex: and how my sink backed up." But I never got around to it. :-S

Tanis said...

Does my husband count in your total? Cause I make him read too :P