Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What Were You Thinking?!

I remember a skit on “Saturday Night Live” called “What Were You Thinking?!” One of the guests was Walter Mondale – he was a presidential candidate who ran against Ronald Reagan.

At any rate the host and Walter were talking about this:

(Host): Walter Mondale – in the (whatever year) election you said that, if elected, you would raise taxes. (Walter): I know. (H): You made it the cornerstone of your bid for president. (W): I know. (H): No one has ever tried that. (W): I know. (H): Not even on the incorporated hamlet level. (W): I know. (H): What were you thinking? (W): (pause) I don’t know.

And now, we have Mr. Whatever! This imbecile decided to teach one of those on-line courses.

(Host): Mr. Whatever. You actually volunteered to teach an online class. (Whatever): I know. (H): This means working week nights. (W): I know. (H): Weekends. (W): I know. (H): Time you could be spending looking at on line goldfish or perusing midget-p0rn. (W): I know. (H): What were you thinking?!! (W): (Starts crying) I don’t know!

Yes this whole experience should be, as the Chinese curse goes, “interesting times.”

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