Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now Who's Desperate?

I staggered over to Technorati today in order to avoid doing anything productive when I was confronted with me own insane face. I figured it must be a glich and refreshed a few times.

It was still there.

I figured that Tech must be very hard up if they were using my picture but, none the less, this was another occasion for bragging at The Critic.

(Me): HA! My picture is on the front page of Technorati! (Critic): As in “America’s Most Wanted?” (M): No, as in featured blogs. (C): Well, I suppose that nobody would bother trying to haul you... (M): Yeah, yeah, whatever – in yo face! (C): (Sigh) What’s this site again. (M): You know – technorati (C): That’s not a porn site? (M): No! It’s a respectable, upstanding kind of thing! (C): (sound of typing) Hmmmm…I don’t see your picture… (M): Now whose being dense? (C): I’m being honest, I don’t see your picture. (M): (refreshes browser) But it’s right there! (C): You use Firefox right? Try IE. (M): WHAT? It…it was right there! Honest…Maybe it was cycled out or something. (C): Try refreshing both of them again. (M): This is weird…it shows up in FF, but not IE. (C): Are you logged in with Fox? (M): Why yes I am and...those bastards... (C): (Sound of laughter) and you bought it! (M): Hey, it was an honest mistake... (C): It was a stupid mistake! (M): (Hangs up phone. A few moments later it rings.) (C): I got this wonderful bridge to sell you (more laughter) (M): Bitch

I knew it was too good to be true.


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Q said...

Oooh, what a dirty trick...