Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VYSW: Nukewrap


Vent Your Spleen Wednesday

The thing that really ticks me off is traffic and those damn drivers who...oh...I already blogged about that.

Alrighty, what drives me nuts are those stupid stat-counters that inevitably fail when you...fooie, did that one too.

Nothing can match the feeling when I turn on the radio only to find...sigh.

Nukewrap! I haven't blogged about that yet!

OK, you know that hard, plastic wrapping around some computer stuff like headphones that you have to practically take a hack-saw to in order to open? I hate that stuff. Not only is it ridiculously hard to remove, not only do I often times cut myself on an edge, but when I finally do get the thing open, it always renders the item in "non-salable condition" so that I can't return it.

I'm sure there's some smug SOB, sitting in a lab somewhere, being very pleased with himself over having had invented the stuff. I just want this guy to be put in a box made of the stuff. I'd want the cell to have some air holes of course. Wouldn't want him to suffocate, oh no! I'd want him to be in there a long, long time...

1 comment:

Roynin said...

LOL - thanks for that image. This is what I shall wish upon my most hated enemies from now on.... *evil grin*

And - agreed. That stuff sucks. Buying some shiny new toy (It may have been my old digital camera or something) and wanting to play with it as soon as I leave the store and I can't because I don't carry any sort of cutting utensil with me is mighty depressing.. :(