Wednesday, October 08, 2008

VYSW: Aggressive Drivers


Vent Your Spleen Wednesday

A major factor in the stress of driving for me are those drivers who seem to pounce on any opportunity to get cut in front of me. And what does this idiot get? 1 car length. Often times even that gain is erased since the other guy ends up at the next stop light or slow-down anyways.

The worst of the worst are the ones who seem to be racing someone else. It always seems like there are at least two of these clowns, dodging in and out of traffic.

If these fools were only risking their own lives it would be bad enough, but they're risking my life too.


stev said...

maybe we can just beat some sense into them? O:o)

Whatever said...

Heh...take a look at my latest VYSW :-)