Monday, September 29, 2008


Vent Your Spleen Wednesday

What is VYSW?

VYSW is shorthand for "Vent Your Spleen Wednesday." The phrase "Vent Your Spleen" means to bitch, moan, rant, complain or otherwise commiserate about something that just really upsets you, whatever that may be. The purpose for the author of this particular meme is twofold:
  1. It gives the author another reason to write.
  2. It brings the "rant" portion of "blather and rants" back to the fore.
  3. There is no reason #3


Be on the avant-garde of the blogosphere by joining us grumpy, whining never-do-wells:

  1. Join the blogroll!
  2. (Proudly) Display the logo!
  3. Rant about pointless issues!

Join the Blogroll!

Send me an email if you want to join up and soon your blog will be renowned and marked with great black splotches on all internet registries. The first hundred people will, nothing much, but sign up anyway.

Display the Logo!

For those who want a prepackaged blob-o-code...I'm working on it. Come back shortly >.<

Post Loud and Annoying Rants!

All that's left for you to do is to babble on about any topic that the voices tell you about. What do you mean you don't hear them?

Alright, for those of you who lack...inspiration just turn on the TV and watch the news for 5min. You could just spout off about how you hate commercials, the sky's the limit!

Sign up Now

So what's the delay? Remember that the people who sign up first will be remembered the longest, though maybe that's not a good thing. Anyhow, enjoy.


Tani said...

My dear mr. Ever - what does vysw stand for? It could be interesting, unless it stands for something not nice, like visceral yachtsmen sing wordlessly.. which really isn't that NOT nice.. but awkward to say :)

stev said...

*chuckles* interesting idea

count me in & i'll try to remember to rant more XD

in between counting my blessings of coz :P