Monday, September 29, 2008

BYBS: Imagination

Dibbler: "The world is full of little people with big dreams!"

Victor: "What, you mean like dwarfs and gnomes and so on?"

Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett

Speaking personally, imagination has greatly enriched my life.

In the mornings, I don't climb into my car to go sit in traffic for 20 to 40 minutes, I'm strapping into the Bandersnatch, my high-performance, interplanetary transport. While in the real world, I may be pushing down the accelerator, I'm actually going to full, 3G burn on the primary rockets, slamming me back into the seats as I take off.

I get to work either way mind you.

While the boss in the real world may be droning on and on about some tired aspect of the current system design, I can be a new, high performance chipset architecture which utilizes a simple yet powerful instruction set, including programmable DMA controllers. Their simple, unifying command set make both embedded and system applications a snap to work with.

The meeting schleps to a halt in the requisite 30 minutes. The people shuffle out.

But Lance Bigdeal, world leader, has completed yet another Important World Meeting. Lance has managed to secure a deal between Iran and the rest of the world. The sometimes isolated Middle Eastern country will gain "pebble bed" reactor technology which will solve its power generation issues without gaining an industry that could too easily be turned towards the creation of weapons. The Middle East is saved!

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Tani said...

I liked this post :) It made me smile. I can just imagine you coming out of a boring meeting with your flourescent yellow space suit on, hands on your hips, among all the people in their brown suits and briefcases in hand. You, of course, are yelling "GET THE GNOMES!! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!"
tee hee
Thanks, Lance :D