Monday, December 24, 2007

Why Blog?

After having blogged for over a year and writing 100+ posts, I feel like taking a look at why I'm doing this. This is a surprising hard question to answer. I certainly do not write for fame and notoriety. When looking at my recent stats, the point has been made in very clear and impossible to mistake terms that this site is not at all popular. What's more, I have not really done anything to change this.

Interestingly, one of the best ways to drum up traffic is to go over to a popular blog, piss off the owner, and have them post a bunch of scathing articles about how stupid you are. When I disagreed with the person who writes "non compos mentis" and he did that, I had the highest traffic days ever. But I digress…

Way back when, I remember seeing some goofy movie that included an image of a graffiti covered wall. There were lots of the usual crap written on it, but there was also one statement that I thought was profound: "I am."

I don't think my reasons for blogging are quiet that simple. After all, I could just make an automatic post every couple of days that consisted of "yup, still here" but I don't do that. Never the less, I think this blog is my equivalent to that wall.


Sandy Carlson said...

Amen and alleluia to this one, Whatever! I am and you are and we all are and these blogs are our bricks in the wall--and we're all pretty damned special.

God bless, and I hope you keep at it.

stev said...

a wall is always good

we prefer to read from your inane point of view & the usual humor rather than any post which just says that you're still around

but do tell us if you die or something... oh. wait.

(oops... :P)