Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DeathTalker 2: Chapter 2

Previous Chapter, Table of Contents, Next Chapter "Is The Force infinite?" "Well yes." "But the galaxy is not." "True." Obi-Wan and Anakin were talking in the galley of the Ebon Hawk. "And The Force exists because of life." "Also true." "Therefore the Force is finite." "What is your point?" "If it's finite, it has a beginning…and an end." Obi-Wan shifted about uncomfortably. Anakin rose and walked over to a nearby table. He picked up a glass and a pitcher of water. Advancing on Obi-Wan he handed him the glass. He moved to pour the water and Obi-Wan moved to catch it in the glass. Obi-Wan glanced at Anakin and raised a quizzical eyebrow. Silently, Anakin continued pouring. The glass filled up and overflowed. "Anakin, you're making a mess." Anakin upended the pitcher. "Thanks a lot." Anakin tossed the pitcher towards the table. Before it could break it stopped, hovered and then set itself down on the table. Actually, that was Anakin's plan. It actually hit the table and shattered. Anakin winced but tried to continue. "The water ran out. What does that say about the pitcher?" "That I'm glad it wasn't larger." Anakin chuckled. "You have much to learn my young Padawan." "I thought you were learning." "If you did not want to learn, why are you here?" Obi-Wan dabbed the spill with a cloth. "Apparently to clean up your messes." Anakin stopped in mid repartee and looked thoughtfully at him. "Maybe you are at that."
"Why are you here?" "Obi-Wan and the council seem to think that it's important that I accompany you." "And why do you think that is?" Padme fidgeted. They were talking in the galley of the Ebon Hawk, Obi-Wan having retreated saying something about needing to dry his clothes. "Probably to remind you that you're human." "So why does that matter to you." "Look, I'm tired of these games. Why don't you tell me what you think." Anakin glanced at her and smiled. "In a way, you are more honest than Obi. I find your candor refreshing." Padme rolled her eyes. "Alright. Palpatine had a way of forging alliances between groups that should not have worked together. As a politician I'm sure you can appreciate that. A leader can do so much with personal influence, intimidation, leverage; but Palpatine went beyond that." "And how do you know that." "Because as soon as he died, these alliances started falling apart." Anakin paused. The room was silent…except for the humming of the engines. And R2 was cleaning up a broken pitcher. "And?" "Well, how did he do it?" Padme crossed her arms. "Alright so how?" "It would be strange enough if you didn't know, since you're quite astute when it comes to politics." Seeing her look, he added. "I meant no disrespect." "But at any rate, you aren't the only one who was confused, were you?" "Actually there are quite a few explanations for what happened." Anakin looked troubled. "There are?" "Yes, well these things do happen from time to time. You get a charismatic leader, the right situation, certain economic conditions – there is precedent for this sort of thing." "OK, but not very often, right?" "Not as such though there were…" "MY POINT IS THAT IT WAS UNUSUAL." Padme glanced at him, but allowed Anakin to continue. "Right, so how did he do it then? I'll tell you how: he had help!" Padme gave him a "well duh!" look. "But not just any help. I believe that the things that he used were not among…the living!" Anakin paused for dramatic effect. The silence began to weigh heavily on the conversation. Anakin glanced back at Padme. "As in not living…dead…you know, beyond the grave style of thing…" "You mean like ghosts?" "Yeah…sort of…" "That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard!" "Is not." "I mean what are they going to do: 'Vote this way in the council or I will waaaaail!'" Padme started laughing. Anakin's face turned red. "Well, it would be a kind of spooky thing to happen you have to admit." "I've heard of worse things from my constituents! I mean you wanna talk about whining?!" Padme was doubled over laughing. "I mean, they could come back to claim Social Security or something – HA! HA! HA!" Padme finally settled down, her breathing returning to normal after a short "honk!" sound. "Anakin? Anakin!" But he had mysteriously disappeared.
"Dead…not alive…not among the living!” "Beeewooobeep!" "Well, that's because you're a droid: of course you aren't scared!" Anakin paced back and forth. "But believe me, if you were alive you would be very frightened!" "Stupid…had to take these clowns with me…are we there yet?!" Previous Chapter, Table of Contents, Next Chapter


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