Saturday, December 08, 2007

BYBS: Ozark

OK, this one was easy. There is a webcomic called Mind Flayed that I love whose author I approached to do a favor for me. The cool thing to me is that they actually answered! To such a jaded a cynical person such as myself, who feels like…well like I do, it's nice to have someone actually answer you. That it was a positive answer is also nice :-) Anyhow, regardless of what comes of it, I am pleased that there is some evidence that I exist. Come to think of it, most of the authors that I have contacted (well, both of them) have been very nice. OK, that's two things to be happy about. P.S. The web comic mentioned is at The site assumes some knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons, a pen & pencil role-playing game from my misspent youth.


Marilyn said...

Oooh, that sounds like a comic I'd enjoy... and I've never considered my time playing role playing games misspent. How many passtimes for young people are there that hurt nobody, require intelligence, get nobody pregnant, and can be done stone cold sober? Kept me out of all kinds of trouble.

Whatever said...

You know, those are very good points. They're also social (important for introverted peeps like meself).

CyberCelt said...

So what is the favor? You cannot leave us hanging like that! LOL
Have a wonderful week.

Blue Panther said...

It is really nice to get a reply to an email or message that you send someone that you know from the online world.

And getting a positive answer is a true blessings!

Whatever said...

Cybercelt: And take away a reason that someone, anyone would want to visit my site? HA!

I will of course tell you what what I asked for, etc. in due time; but I wanted to focus on that simple kindly gesture that Ozark made :-)

Of course until then you'll simply have to check every hour to see if I post the answer :-) said...

Hi you,
Very good so far - since you've copyrighted it, do you mind if I actually print it out and take it home with me? I won't use it for any horrible mean purposes (Unless that's what you want me to do :)



Whatever said...

As far as I'm concerned, go ahead and print the story, save it, copy it, etc. Of course if George and the boys (i.e., Lucasfilm) get upset, that's a different matter, but you have my permission.

Glad you like the story. That's a great reward right there! (hmmm...another BYBS posting is forming...)