Sunday, August 08, 2010

BYBS: Big Brain Book

Cover of the book, (c) Gary Lynch and Richard Granger 2008, published by PALGRAVE MCMILLAN 2009

This is a book about the evolution of the human brain.  The book has some pretty interesting ideas.  For example:
  • What if there were no particular evolutionary pressure towards intelligence?
  • What if the brain structures that are needed for intelligence were there all along?
  • What if there were another, more intelligent species along side Homo Sapiens Sapiens that died out?
If you are interested, there is a good podcast from one of the authors that can be at the brain science podcast:

I found the book to be difficult to grasp at times, so I created another blog that contains my take on what the authors were trying to say.  You can find it here:

Have a good weekend and happy reading.

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Tanis said...

HA!!! Image thingy works!!!!
This looks very interesting, and I shall have to check out your other blog today :)