Sunday, August 29, 2010

BYBS: The Drabblecast

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Yes, another podcast site.  From the site description:

To hear the latest and greatest in Strange Stories, by Strange Authors, for Strange Listeners (such as yourself), visit the Drabblecast at

The description is actually pretty accurate - the stories are just plain weird.  Not really all sci-fi like Escape Pod or Clarksworld, not really horror like Pseudopod, and not really all fantasy like Podcastle or Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  The stories tend towards science fiction, fantasy and horror (especially Lovecraftian horror), but beyond that are not really linked to any particular genre.

Like some other fiction podcast sites, Drabblecast tends to have one narrator, Norm Sherman, but he is quite good, and he also tends to inject sound effects and music into the stories.  A good example of this is "Go Beep," a story about a mind-controlling TV segment by Aliya Whiteley: the "Go Beep" song is sung by Norm, but has a weird, other-worldly quality.

Also notable is that the podcast has "chapters" --- kind of like tracks on a CD --- so you can skip to the story or whatever you are interested in.  Finally, each episode seems to get a unique image.  For example, here is the one for "Go Beep:"

Copyright (c) by Lizanna Herd
All-in-all an excellent podcast. Check it out.

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