Sunday, April 27, 2008

BYBS: Cyrano De Bergerac

If you haven't seen this movie (1990, directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau), then beg/borrow/steal a copy. A warning: the original dialog is French with English subtitles. I don't speak or understand French (at all), so no idea what the English dialog may be like.

It is a superb and very entertaining movie. To my untrained eye, the sets are very much in keeping with the period, the characters appropriately foppish or serious as the situation requires, Roxanne is beautiful and Cyrano's nose truly epic.

The movie has the themes of love, desire, longing and regret, but it also has heroism and redemption. Furthermore it has the theme of compassion, especially in the way that Cyrano deals with situations in which he is put. For example, a mortally wounded Christian (the man that Roxanne thinks is writing all those wonderful letters) believes that Roxanne does not love her because he did not write the letters. As he is passing, Cyrano tells him "I have told her all and it is you she loves."

Be warned that it is a tragedy (I guess the bit above sort of gives it away), so no Hollywood-esque ending for this movie, but I find it much more satisfying than what another movie from around the same time. I'm referring to "Roxanne" with Steve Martin. Roxanne is a comedy/romance that takes the same plot and brings it into a more contemporary setting. Roxanne is not so much "bad" as just seeing it next to Cyrano highlights how "good" the French version is.

Anyhow, movies like that, to which my blackened and cynical spirit respond, are truly blessings to me. It reminds me that yes there is love, even if it is an ideal.

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* = Finding the copyright holder for the poster was ridiculously difficult. Even sites that displayed it did not indicate who said holder is. What I listed is my best guess, but if anyone actually knows, please drop me a line.


SandyCarlson said...

I want to see that. Thanks for your review.

AND thanks for stopping by. I love what you have to say and how you say it. BYBS is never quite the same without you.

Have a great week.

Sue said...

I love films like that! I will definitely add this one to my must see list :)