Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Liberating Power of Mediocrity

I was sitting around trying to figure out what I should post about when I recalled something from another blog and how some people think that their voice matters. Put another way, some people seem to think that by posting to a blog jillions of people will endorse or oppose the ideas that they write about.

The problem with this viewpoint is that it ignores the much more likely outcome: that their thoughts will disappear without a trace.

It has certainly been an eye-opening, if predictable outcome for myself where my site has basically gone under the radar. I’ve noticed other blogs that have been active for less than a week that have more comments, or where the author posts once every 8 days that are more popular. It reinforces an idea that a room mate of mine once told me: “most people don’t care.”

The silver lining to this is the notion that, if nobody really cares, then you can write anything you want.

I could probably post a philosophy that would make the Marquis de Sade blush and get no response. I could espouse a political system that would make some middle-eastern countries seem liberal and see nary a ripple. I guess the old saying about how opinions and rectums are the same because everyone has them is true. Or maybe my ideas are really that boring...

It sort of reminds me of an article about nudist camps. In the article this one woman remarks about how people, once they are over the initial novelty of the situation, are depressingly banal about the whole thing. One telling quote: “You mean to tell me that I’ve been keeping this under lock and key for years and now it’s not worth a second glance?!”

I’m not running for office but...I feel your pain.


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