Monday, October 11, 2010

BYBS: Zombies

I know when it's my turn to be torn apart by zombies I will want people to
photograph the event.

Photo by Laughing Squid
As with many people who happen upon a scene of flesh eating zombies who are about to turn someone into a Big Mac, my first thought was "Hey!  Maybe I can make this into a blog posting!"  OK, so maybe that might not be most people's first thought, but up there in the top 10 would be "Maybe I can make this into the topic for a short story!"  This posting is about both so I get double blog-scrabble points, even though it's not a Sunday so it's not quite a BYBS posting.

Where was I?  Oh yes, flesh eating zombies!  Well, the story idea is this: what if zombies were actually tastee critters?  Like most of my good ideas, this one isn't mine: it was already the topic of "Ultimate Survivor," a flash spoof of the Survivor "reality" TV show that Kev created on the long neglected site of

Note: that site is sick, sick, sick, as one might imagine if it shows up on this site, so if you visit it please remember that I warned you.

At any rate, if zombies did make good eatin' then they would actually be in a rather poor situation.  True, there are an awful lot of them, at least according to most movies, but they are usually rather slow, stupid and uncoordinated.  Therefore, it seems to me that in our, erm, "consumer" society they could end up on the defensive rather quickly.

So my story centers on a bunch of zombies who hole up in a mall, with hordes of normal people trying to eat them...

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Tanis said...

ha ha!! The word verification thingy worked this morning!!! BWA HA HA HA!! Nobody can stand in the way of your awesomeness!!

Anyways, yes... thinking about Zombies being eaten makes me giggle, and you're silly :)

Can't wait to read the story!! :D