Sunday, October 03, 2010

BYBS: Dogs

We think they're cute and they're thinking "You're next!"

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Filed under one of those things that I’m glad about but that make no sense are dogs. They are critters that seem to delight in the presence of people no matter what mood you are in. Being my lazy self, I don’t have a pet, but I have recently visited some people that do so I can take advantage of theirs. Now mind you, this friendly critter could be contemplating something else entirely…

(dog): “Hey, got any food?”
(human): “He’s glad to see me!”
(dog): “I’m not glad to see you, I’m just hungry!”
(human): “Oh look, he’s licking my hand, even though I don’t have anything to feed him.”
(dog): “I’m getting ready to bite your hand if you don’t come up with something soon…”
(human): “Here’s a little something…”
(dog): “Finally! OK, you’re off the hook for a little bit, but this is just a down payment.”
(human): “He’s wagging his tail.”
(dog): “The things that make humans happy...”

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Tanis said...

....are you reading my dog's mind?? I shall have to procure her a tinfoil hat!!

In all seriousness, two words fit every dog - unconditional love. I can get so mad at Carrie and yell at her, and she slinks off - then I make myself sound all happy, and she comes running back, tail a'waggin, ready for some cuddles and love :) She thinks I'm bipolar, but hey....She makes my day so much better :D