Friday, June 18, 2010

Nigerian Scam Spam, draft #2

This is draft #2 of my Nigerian Scan Spam contest entry hosted by the Drabblecast.  In this draft I'm trying to get the word count down to below 300

Subject: take a moment and save a soul

Please remember that I'm asking you to help a few damned souls - I am not asking you to help me or in any way endorse me, my cause or what I stand for.

Sorry for that but I feel I should be up front with you: this is the Devil, the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer etc.  Whatever you think of me, you're probably right, but the people I've duped into following me don't all deserve eternal torment.

That's what I'm writing to you about: the legions of the damned - some of them can be saved.

I've been recruiting people to my cause since the dawn of man because I thought I had a chance against God.  I don't.  Now all my followers will pay for this mistake.  When I lose the Apocalypse, all of them, both good and bad, repentant and defiant alike, will be damned to eternal torment.  But if I'm going to lose no matter what, then I think they deserve another chance.
That's where you come in.

You see, I can transfer ownership of some of these souls to a mortal, who can then free them.  I can't force you to follow through when you take ownership, but that's part of the idea: you will judge the ones that should be freed and the ones that should stay damned.

In order to make this work, I just need you to send an email with "I hereby deliver my soul unto thee" in the subject line to  Yeah, I know, some damn Asian domain squatter got to before I did.

Please help these people.  You're their only hope.


Angel most fallen

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Tanis said...

I like it - but you need more bad spelling and grammatical errors :P

It's short and to the point anyways :)