Sunday, June 12, 2011


They make such a cute couple (image from

Smosh, specifically, is a couple of guys who make hilarious videos such as "Vader and Me."  The first video of theirs that I saw was "Mortal Kombat," a strange and yet silly spoof of an old video game.  My all time favorite is probably their "Pokemon" video which spoofs (you guessed it) Pokemon.

But their skill does not end there - they also do just plain silly videos.  For example: "That Damn Yard Sale."  To top things off they also have a funny and yet strange commentary on the rest of site "Smosh Pit Weekly" featuring "Mari Atari."

Mari Atari pic from her Twitter feed.
A Yoda hat?!  Be still my beating heart!

The humor is a bit on the crude side, but for me that's a bonus.  Check it out.

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