Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Impossible Dream

Is striving towards an impossible but desirable and worthwhile goal a waste of time?

For time out of mind there have been people who strove towards perfect meditative state, achieve world peace, or total knowledge. From a practical standpoint, these people know that their goal cannot be attained, or perhaps attained by them, yet they strove all the same; and what's more, people continue to quest for these goals to this day.

So what do you think? It this a waste of time or is it a worthwhile activity? Should people only work on things that, while they cannot hope to achieve, they may contribute towards the achievement of (a great work)?

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Tanis said...

no, it's not a waste of time - in the end, it might be an exercise in futility, but getting there, on the road to whatever it is you may be trying to get - that's the fun part. As they say, the best part about the trip isn't the destination, it's the journey :)
And who knows - maybe in this seemingly impossible journey, they will achieve something else that's equally worthwhile, and maybe (just maybe!) they'll achieve what they thought was unachievable. And then, they won't be disappointed :)