Sunday, April 26, 2009

BYBS: Reasoned Discussion

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I enjoy being able to talk seriously every once in a while about stuff like the nature of consciousness, whether honesty and accuracy are the same thing, and other, ultimately pointless topics. I'm grateful that there are other people that I can talk about this stuff with and that they discuss it least some of the time.

Part of the problem with such ruminations is that they tend to make me feel isolated. A lot of times other people are simply not interested in talking about such things at that instant, or maybe their attention is focused on other questions. The net effect on me, however, is that I feel very much alone.

When I can speak to someone about my ramblings, I do enjoy striving to communicate my point of view (i.e., that I'm right goddamn it!), but something else about discussion surprised me recently.

I was trying to explain something and got the "blank stare." In another situation I might have just written it off as the person not being interested in the topic, but, because it was such a serious topic, I realized that the problem was that my wonderful explanation wasn't.

The surprising thing was that the process of trying explain it better, and the experience of seeing the other person strive to get it made me feel less isolated, whereas I would have thought it would make me feel more isolated. Watching another strive for understanding made the whole "aha" moment for them much more satisfying than just pummeling another person's argument.

It also helped that they had brownies where we talked. Not that I ate one. Instead I had 3.


PERBS said...

Hmmmmmm now to me that soudns like a teacher. . . except for the Brownies. . . but that's now a bad idea either. Ü

Daisy said...

LOL I watched the three stoogies when I was a kid!

And I think its always nice to have someone listen to what you have to say. I must mention though, for my part I am the good listener coz in real life I don't talk too much. Ha! Instead, I'd go and eat those brownies too!


Tanis said...

I always knew the way to keep your attention was dessert :)
A good argument does wonders for a person's mind - stimulation helps it grow, right?
But sometimes, the other person doesn't always have time to prepare their comments/views ahead of time. Not like in a debate :) And sometimes it's not that the other person doesn't want to talk about what you are interested in talking about - it's that they truly don't understand the topic of conversation. Some of us can bluff until our eyes bleed, but occular bleeding isn't generally healthy.
Anyways, if you want to talk, bring it - but I only have cake, no brownies. :)

SandyCarlson said...

May all your days know aha moments. Great post.