Thursday, November 27, 2008

BYBS: Thanksgiving Edition!

I came up with a special BYBS entry, it being Thanksgiving and all. VYSW will be back next least in theory.

As anyone who read too many comic books in their formative years, I'm a bit nervous about saying "life is great!" since that is the time that the writers choose to drop a 10 ton safe on the character as a reward for saying such a thing. However, I'm also a rather negative person so I find it rather therapeutic to force myself to look on the bright side. Therefore here are some things in my life I think of as blessings:

  • A person who, despite the mountain of evidence, seems love to me.

    When I gaze into her loving eyes, she will sometimes mutter about some "term of contract" or "once my time is up, I'm outta here!" I really don't know what she means, but I'm sure it will become clear one day.

  • Health which is relatively free of serious illness. Health is rather like air and water: when you have them, it nothing special; but when you don't boy are they important!

    Now mind you, there are some who liken the author to some sort of pestilence, or maybe even several at once, but nobody has died from exposure to me. Yet.

  • People who seem to like me.

    True, not enough for them to want to play "Clue" or other board games, and not because I cheat! I deny that completely! But we still seem to get along.

  • A job which, while I take great pains to bitch and moan about, at least keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

    Some coworkers have said things to make me suspect that the state has some sort of "deal" whereby "special" people such as myself get employment and the hosting company gets a tax break, but there is no evidence of this. Honest.

So there's my Blather-n-Rants special Thanksgiving entry! I figure I should quit while I'm ahead. Furthermore, rather than becoming negative, I'll save some of the more amusing ideas about holidays for a VYSW. Till then, avoid gnomes.


Tanis said...

woot! go thanksgiving :) Even though you Americans are all wierd with your November holidays and stuff...
Sure we like you! You're lots of fun! and paranoid about gnomez... and ten ton safes. What's not to like? (beyond the pestilence thing.. we ignore that :)
Anyways, happy Thanksgiving, and when you think about it, it's enough to give thanks for having something to give thanks for! (Cause that made sense...I need more sleep)
Enjoy turkey :D

Whatever said...

We don't get lotsa holidays in the states :-( Therefore we have to space them out.

At least I didn't go on about ten ton safes with gnomes *inside* them! (Glances up as if looking for something) Um...I gotta go... :-)

Tanis said...

lol you make it sound like canadians sit and party all day.. which, don't get me wrong, some of us do. Unfortunately, it isn't me. :)

I think if you are going to lock gnomez inside a safe, you should at least give them anvils - mayhaps it could be a "survival of the fittest" scenario.... :D