Sunday, August 24, 2008

BYBS: is a site that talks about sexuality from a woman's perspective.  Most of their content takes the form of videos from round-table style discussions of topics like:

  • Achieving an orgasm during penetrative sex.
  • Communicating with your partner
  • Benefits of masturbation

Now all this might sound like ye basic porn site, especially when I mention the word "video," but this is not the case.  

The clips take the form of a bunch of women sitting around a table and talking.  What's more, some of the women might not be considered "attractive" in popular culture.  OMG, one of them is FAT!  A couple of them are older!  What's going on here?!

This highlights one of the things I love about this site: the indivuduals in their round tables look like regular people.  When I stagger around the supermarket I don't see a bunch of super-models.  I see old women, young women, fat women, slim women, etc.  When I see a bunch of these people talking about sex the message I come away with is that sex is normal.  All kinds of people experience it.  With "normal" media I come away with the impression that the only people who have sex are incredibly attractive 20-somethings.

The topics being discussed are in the same "it's not that remarkable" style.  This can lead to weird juxtapositions, like seeing a rather older woman talk about her favorite position, but it also leads to the belief that sex is something normal.

The assumption that sex is normal is another feeling that permeates the site.  Seeing women of different ages and "attractiveness" talk about sex - their worries, the things they like, etc. - makes them seem more, well, human.  A typical porn site, by contrast, objectifies all the actors - male and female - to the point that they may as well be Martians.

The site is billed as being from and for the feminine perspective.  I mean the tag line of "Juicy Talk for Women" kinda spells it out.  I guess if CTV becomes popular they can create another site for men.  Till then, the site will have to be satisfied with the huge topic of women's sexuality.

I consider this a blessing because I like the message that comes through every article or clip: sex is normal.  Don't be ashamed of your sexuality.  This is a human experience - it's not limited to the super-perfect (for people who are "normal") or perverts (for those who aren't "normal").  The net has so much of the other kind of message that CherryTV is a nice change of pace.


Paulie said...

I have to admit that I never thought I would be reading about this as a blessing here BUT I understand what you are saying and if that is what you want to consider as your blessing in your life, more power to you!

SandyCarlson said...

A frank conversation about sex. And women. Wow. Thanks for the scoop!

Sue said...

I think it is a blessing, and shows that hopefully we as a society are coming out of the dark ages when it comes to female sexuality! :)

risque said...

Wow! Nice and clean article and a frank conversation about sex.

stev said...

hmm. an interesting look at normalcy & sex. err. yeah.