Sunday, May 25, 2008

BYBS: Learning

In a previous post, I mentioned that exams were an experience in pain. I guess that is a specific example of the maxim: "With pain comes suffering." Hmm… that doesn't seem quite right. I know! It was actually "With suffering comes resentment!" No…that's not quite right either. Perhaps it was "The ends justify the means?" "Sometimes to save something you have to destroy it?"

OK, it was "With pain comes growth." Yes, that was it. Or more specifically, I have found with learning comes growth. Often times pain as well, but that's not exactly what I'm writing this entry about.

The ability to learn, to understand something I could not understand before, or do something I could not do before is an ability I regard as near-miraculous. It is one of the things that mark living creatures. It is one of the things that I think of as necessary for intelligence.

For someone like me, it is a big part of spirituality.

In particular the ability to learn from mistakes is an important aspect of spiritual growth. It is often times hard for me to admit mistakes. "I was wrong" is something I do not like to say, even to myself. This is partially because it seems to happen a lot, and partially because it is not something that I hear from a lot of people.

But being able to do something that I could not do before opens up a whole new world. The person I thought I was may not be correct; limitations I thought I had may no longer apply; other possibilities that I thought were closed may now be open. That part is a truly wonderful experience.

I am not a real big fan of effort or pain. But I have to admit, the cost of effort and pain are temporary. The opportunities of learning are…


Paulie said...

So very true! Just the fact that we CAN learn is a blessing indeed. WHEN we actually do, we are twice blessed!

SandyCarlson said...

Learning can be a pain. I find I learn most things the very hard way. When the lessons are miserable, the learning is all the more meaningful. I just wish I could learn without aggravation sometimes! I enjoyed this post and I always enjoy your honesty.

Sue said...

That is so true learning can be a pain particularly when we are not all that interested in what we are learning about, but knowledge is a definite blessing, and it comes through that learning process. Very cool, and thought provoking post. I always enjoy your entries :)

andrée said...

You're so right and I acknowledge the same dislike for that effort and pain that you have. I've had so many classes that I'm classed out. But I have to continue taking classes to teach and I'm still learning and enjoying the knowledge (just don't like the classes!).

stev said...

its like a kid learning to ride a bike at six

and then being an adult trying to ride a bike for the first time at forty

both will be painful with some falls & scraped knees. but one will be more painful.

still, i think the adult would enjoy it more somehow - the accomplishment ;)

CyberCelt said...

Pain sucks. Learning is fun. That's my story and I am sticking to it. LOL