Friday, February 01, 2008

Hoity-Toity Features, part 2

Several months after switching over to the new and improved Blogger template scheme, approach, whatever - I've finally used something that I didn't have before! Behold! The amazing...poll...

OK, well, maybe it's not that amazing...but it is new.

In retrospect, I have not really used many of the new capabilities, but I do like it better. The layout manager is much more convenient than just hacking the raw, seething, slimy HTML. Instead, the raw, seething, slimy HTML is put in little blobs. This may not seem like much, because it certainly isn't noticeable by looking at the site, but it makes managing all that stuff a lot easier.

I also like the fact that I switched my hit counter to something that actually works. Blog explosion seemed determined to not work and stay that way. Stat counter, on the other hand, works but displays rather depressing statistics. I don't think that is the fault of the people at Statcounter, but I blame them nonetheless.

So avail yourself to the new poll! Let your voice be heard! Many exclamation points!!!

1 comment:

Sandy Carlson said...

I like the poll! I like Statcounter, too. All kinds of info on offer when you look around at the results.