Sunday, February 17, 2008

BYBS: Exercise

A device that bears a striking resemblance to a to torture rack.

This posting is about how much I love exercise!


The fact is that I think exercise sucks. It's boring. It's difficult to get my lazy butt to do it. At times it can be painful. I pretty much hate exercise.

As the picture above shows, this is about that wonderful, exciting thing called "Cardio-Vascular" exercise. The stuff where you plod, plod, plod and sweat, sweat, sweat in order to get in 30min or whatever your goal is.

But wait – there's more! An extra blessing you can get is a heart rate monitor. This gadget will monitor your heart rate and inform you when you are cheating and not working hard enough.

That way you can work harder. Isn't that nice?

I do like the benefits though:

  • Weight control – you burn calories while exercising and but also when not exercising. This is due to increased muscle mass. Honest. For Sure.
  • Cardio – your heart is in much better shape than if you don't exercise. You'll live longer. In fact, all the extra time you'll live will be spent exercising.
  • Overall health – exercise is associated with all kinds of other aspects of health, from a better immune system to improved mental outlook. I know I feel much better after I exercise...dammit.

On the last point I think that the improved mental outlook comes from realizing that any moment you spend not exercising is a good one. If you see someone smiling in a meeting, it's probably because they think "Yes, this meeting is a boring waste of time, but it could be worse…I could be exercising!"


Paulie said...

"You'll live longer. In fact, all the extra time you'll live will be spent exercising."

That made me really laugh!

I am not into machines for exercise when I can go for a walk and take photos and get exercise at the same time!

Paulie said...

I missed your post last week -- glad I saw it today. I left a comment there too.

Kuanyin said...

One of the best benefits of exercise is the endorphins that kick in afterwards. This is what makes it worthwhile to me. :-) Happy BYB Sunday!

Sandy Carlson said...

You just plain crack me up. I am addicted to walking. I feel my brain fill with sludge if I don't get out. My dad gave us his elliptical cross-trainer because, well, let's just say he could have written your post! I am thinking books on CD might get me on it in time blocks of chapters rather than minutes! Good luck on the rack!

Anonymous said...

What about the quality of life if you live longer ........ what is the point of living longer if it means 10 years in a home?

The endorphins are good though

Happy BYB Sunday from a fellow exercise hater !

Whatever said...

I like using torture because I have one that is squatting in my house and taking up space. Another nice thing about it is that I have no excuses not to use it --- rain or shine it's there...did I say that was a good point?

Walking is good, but I find I have to double the amount of time I go for in order to burn the same number of calories.

I'm glad our bodies are so efficent, aren't you? No? Well neither am I really.

The whole business with endorphins and quality of life has become the impetus for another rant. Where most people have muses, I have exercise machines...waiting for the dark...grinning...

CyberCelt said...

I hate exercise, too. It is really screwing up my weight loss, but I do. I have been doing yard work. I will be in Home Beautiful next month. LOL

SandyCarlson said...

I think of you when I hop on the elliptical trainer my dad gave me because he gave up on it. I am finding I do better with the likes of Melissa Etheridge singing me along rather than texts like Jack London's Sea Wolf. Self-improvement can only go so far! Hope it's going well for you.

God bless.