Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DeathTalker: Chapter 6

"See through you, we can." "Wonderful, can I go now?" Yoda frowned. "Impatient, you are." "Well, I’d not applying for a Jedi scholarship this time. Unless you want to charge me with aiding and abetting a known Jedi, you’d better get to the point." "You have been brought before us because you claim to be able to talk to the dead." "I’ve claimed nothing of the sort…it could have been a hallucination." "Believe that, you do not." "Whatever. What difference does it make?" "Deathtalker." Anakin turned and regarded a council member with an extremely long neck who had spoken. As he looked at the alien, he couldn’t help noticing that the other council members seemed…uncomfortable. "What the heck is ‘Deathtalker?’" "Deathtalker is not a person. It is a title, an ability that some people have to that allows them to talk to the recently departed." Was it his imagination, or was Mace Windu glaring at the other council member? "So what’s the problem?" "A rare ability, deathtalking is, and closely associated with the Sith." "You mean like that Jedi who killed Qui-Gon?" "That was a Sith lord, not a Jedi." "So you think I’m a Sith?" The council members regarded him coolly. "If I were a Sith, why would I tell Obi-Wan about it? Besides, you’ve been watching me all my life! I couldn’t have kept something like that hidden!" "Correct, in that, you are." Yoda sighed and looked down. "Trained as a Jedi, you have not been. Yet ‘chosen one,’ some still feel you may be. To find out that you are a Deathtalker is…disturbing." "Master." All eyes turned to the Jedi who had escorted Anakin to the council. "I feel there are some things about this man’s abilities that you should know…" "Speak." "When I found Skywalker, he was in the North tower. He said he had been brought there by someone…by someone who resembled Master Trigon." Yoda’s ears raised at this news. From around the council chambers, Anakin could hear gasps. "What’s more for a moment I…seemed to see Master Trigon myself." "I take it this isn’t normal for a Deathwalker?" At first no one responded until finally Mace answered him. "As far as we know, no Deathtalker is capable of communicating with anyone who has been dead more than a few hours." "Wonderful." Yoda stood. "To discuss this new information, the council must! Mandor!" The Jedi who had spoken about Anakin’s abilities looked up. "Stay here; escort Anakin, another will. Anakin: a few more days, on Coruscant, stay, you must. Soon, call on you, the council will." Anakin went to leave the chamber. As he passed Mandor, he growled "Thanks a heap!" Previous Chapter, Table of Contents, Next Chapter

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